Pay Per Click

Are you one of those businesses that has tried PPC marketing, but it didn’t work for you? Or maybe it worked for a month then just “dropped off?”


Like anything that is worthwhile, PPC takes time, and when set up and continually managed well, it can be a profitable avenue.

Our PPC Management follows 4 core steps:

  1. Strategy – we get a full understanding of what your goals are so we can set KPIs to ensure we deliver on your needs
  2. Creation and Implementation – Once we are clear on your vision, the next stage is to ensure we build a PPC campaign structured to well defined best practices
  3. Rinse and Repeat – PPC is a channel that is information rich and so we are constantly learning and testing new keywords, new ads, time of day, day of week etc to make sure your investment works as hard as it can
  4. Reporting – We’ll deliver reporting to you on a monthly basis to show progress and share direction

Do you run you own PPC campaign?

Great! We’d love to help audit your campaign and give you recommendations on how it can be improved so you can stay in charge knowing that we are here if you ever need support

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